Monday, 26 May 2014

May Favourites

Hello beauties!

Today I have my May favourites to share with you all:) . I'm going to soon start my very own BeautyDivaNaz channel on youtube and then this favourites shall also be on video! so without further do , lets get started shall we :p

1. Ralo BB Cream in light - R69.50 from Ralo Cosmetics
2.Maybelline Babylips in Cherry Me - R25 from clicks
3. Rain Africa Angel Dust Bath Salt - R20 from Rain Africa
4.Lush Bubblegum Lipscrub - R95 from Lush
5. Bio Oil - R99 from clicks
6. L'Occitane Hand lotions - unknown but can be purchased from L'Occitane in a bigger size
7.Stimorol Gum In Peach and Mango - R9 from Pick N Pay
8.Lush Dream Cream - R185 from Lush
9. CoalFace Bar Facial Soap - R81.50/100g from Lush
10. Blue Skies Bubblebar - R54.50/200g from Lush

What's your monthly favourites? let me know in the comments below!:)

Much love

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Ralo BB Cream

Hello beauties!

Some of you may  or may not know that I was one of the very lucky ladies that has become an Ralo Cosmetics Brand Ambassador!. This was a huge surprise to me! and im super excited to share with you all my very first product I received to try out, yep you have guessed it right! It's the Ralo BB Cream!

There are tons of other BB Creams out there like the Garnier , Sorbet , Maybelline etc etc but honestly speaking this is the best one , yet most affordable one I've used!. It goes for R69.50 which is really a great deal!

Why I love this product soo much ? well that's because this little guy has 6 benefits for your skin!
  • Primer
    For smooth texture & even skin tone
  • Concealer
    Covers blemishes & imperfections
  • Foundation
    Provides complete natural coverage
  • Moisturizer
    For hydrated, fresh and radiant skin
  • Non-Oily
    A light, non-oily formulation for a silky matte finish
  • Sun Protection
    Contains sunscreen
    I was phenomenal when gaining that knowledge!. This cream is very light on my skin yet covers up all of my terrible acne marks . I'm always a sucker for sunscreen so this is a bonus!. Straight after my Lush Coal Face facial cleanser and Trea Tree water toner I apply my BB Cream with my fingers-yes it is that easy to apply! then set it with my favourite Ralo Cosmetics Compact Powder. 

    As you guys can see from the above picture , this is the amazing coverage the BB Cream gave me ! . I love how the shade of the cream blends quite well on my skin , normally im debating in the light-medium shades but this shade is perfect !

    Not only is the product such a gem , but the employees that works at Ralo Cosmetics are too so a quick hats off to them!:D

    Overall I would highly suggest this BB Cream for you all to try out!:)

                                                                        Much Love


    Monday, 12 May 2014

    Beaucience Eye Rescue Gel Review

    Hello my lovely Beauties!
    how are you doing? my fantastic! wanna know why ? keep on reading!:)

    Beaucience gave me an opportunity to review one of their fantastic eye gel!

    This was my first time ever using an eye gel and I was amazed by the results. I took long with this review as I waited to see what results  come up with and well , here it is!

    The skin below my eyes were very unhealthy , they were dark due to my allergies and it just was not cool.
    I really love this affordable eye serum/cream. It does not react negatively to my skin. I suffered with puffiness below my bottom eyelid and applied this daily. The puffiness stopped and eventually the dark circles also lightened . Honestly I saw results within 3 days.

    It is in a clear gel form which absorbs very quickly into your skin and it does not leave any residue which makes it perfect even for use in the morning under your makeup.

    I apply this in a soft patting motion upwards from the inner corner to the outer corner of my eye. I would certainly purchase this product.

    This is a real treat as it consists of Organic Green Tea , Proteasyl & Hibiscus

    What the Beaucience says about this product :
    This non-sticky, quickly absorbed gel is enhanced with Myoxinal (extracted from hibiscus seeds to smooth and help prevent line formations), Hibiscin HP (a botanical milk offering a tensor, firming effect), Proteasyl (tea extract offering entensive anti-ageing properties), organic green tea (antioxidant properties) and eco cerified hibiscus.
    The Eye Resque Gel protects and nurtures the fragile skin around the eye area and leaves it toned, conditioned and smooth.

    Why it is soo important to look after your skin under your eyes:
    The skin around your eyes is the thinnest on the body and is quick to reveal the tell tales signs of ageing .

    I use this product twice daily after my face wash and toner .

    I would defiantly repurchase this product its really worth it! its retails for around R94.99 and it comes in a 15ml container and trust me this would last you like forever! . Defiantly give this product a purchase you wont regret it!

    Along with the eye gel Beauience also sent me sample sachets of their skin care range which im really loving!

    much love

    Saturday, 3 May 2014

    My first experience at Lush + a mini haul!

    Hello my adorable beauties!

    If you guys have been following me on facebook , you would know that I went to Durban for a week on holiday. The day I reached I made my mum drive me to Gateway Mall just to pop in to Lush because there is no Lush where I live (Pretoria) so this was an extraordinary opportunity for me!:)..

    As soon as I reached the store the extremely delicious scents gushed at me and I already knew that visiting this store was not a regret.

    I was welcomed by a Lovely shop assistant named Fatima and she was the most welcoming person!. She gave me a tour around the entire shop letting me learn about their products , their ingredients and what benefits you get out of each product , I was amazed!.

    She gave me a demo on almost all of the products starting off from the Bath jellies , soaps to the massage bars , lotions , and even the famous lip scrub and lip tint! I was amazed. She then finally gave me a facial in the store , damn I felt soo pampered! . She even offered to wash my hair .

    When I came to Durban I had a extremely bad breakout! it was swollen and red and it was just so bad! . After the extremely good facial I instantly saw results! . My pimples were calmed and the redness was gone! After 3 days I saw amazing results! most of my pimples were gone!.

    The facial -
    Fatima started by applying a serum to my face which is called Full of Grace

    Thereafter she cleansed my skin with the extraordinary CoalFace bar soap cleanser

    She then applied a fresh face mask which is called Love Lettuce

    Then last but not least she applied a moisturizer which is called Dream Cream



    This was truly a life changing experience! Thank you Fatima!

    So at my first stop at Lush I purchased :
    Blue Skies Bubble Bar
    Phoenix rising bath bomb

    sample size of the Dream Cream

    At my second stop at Lush I purchased:
    Dream Cream
    CoalFace Bar Soap
    Lip Scrub in Bubblegum
    Dragon's egg bath bomb

    sample size of the mask of magnaminty
    sample size of the ultrabland
    sample size of the Argan Body Conditioner
    sample size of the lovely jubblies
    sample size of the Karma Kream

    As you guys can see I was extremely amazed with the facial so I had to go back and purchase some of the products used . I cant wait to go to Durban again and pick up more goodies!:)

    Fatima really is a gem ! I loved my experience at Lush . Its a shop I can surely live in!.

    If you would like to see reviews on them surely let me know!:)

                                                                          Much Love

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