Thursday, 16 October 2014

Beauty must-have || Tangle Teezer + Beauty Blender!

Hey beauties!

today I want to share with you 2 products in which im oh so loving recently! , as you can tell from the title above it is the tangle teezer and beauty blender!

Tangle Teezer
Do you have knotted hair that hurts so bad when you have to brush it out? well say good bye to all those painful and tearful days !

The tangle teezer removes all your knots from your hair with almost no pain at all! I have very thick , long hair that just comes over my butt and to be honest I hated brushing my hair just because of the pain , ever since I got myself the tangle teezer I cant stop! . It has soft brissles which doesn't cause as much split ends and hair breakage as a normal brush does. Its suitable for wet and dry hair!.. The way that it is designed , you must be thinking" how the heck does one hold and get a good grip while brushing the hair?!' well it is designed especially for the comfort of your hands. I LOVE IT!

I got it on special for R129 on! you can too while the special is still on just click here 

Second on my list is the Beauty Blender!

Pricey yet affective! This blender is specially designed for blending your make-up . I adore it! When I use foundation it leaves me with the most flawless and natural finish.It looks like a teardrop . The bottom part is used to blend larger areas like your cheeks where as the pointy part is use to blend smaller areas such as under your eyes , your upper lip etc.

How to use:
make the sponge damp with water ( squeeze out all the water)
apply the makeup on your face
blend with a patting motion around your face
wash the sponge after use

Now as I promised you guys on facebook I have found a dupe! How much is the original ? R300! how much is the dupe ? R30 ! whats the difference between the two? I have found that the original expands just a little compare to the dupe when you make it damp but that doesn't make much of a difference!

please please go buy one for yourself , you wont regret it I promise!

The dupe can be purchased from checkers under the name "beauty sponge" where as the original, I purchased it from a lady called Aadilah let me know if you want her bbm pin.

well that's it for my beauty must-haves for this month!

lots of hugs , smiles and kisses


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Body Shop Huge Sale + small haul!


Hello beauties!

I have exciting news which I really have to share with you all! The Body Shop is having a massive sale . There are many products marked down by 60%  and they have items for buy one and get one half price off!.

Clearance Sale 60%

I went to clicks and I don't have the body shop in the area where I live . I was so amazed to see what bargains they had! I bought two items from the sale which im so glad I did , it was worth every penny!
I purchased :
* The Body Shop shower gel in Passion Fruit - R30 original Price - R90 (Saved R60!). This smells soo amazing and have a wonderful scent  let me know if you would want to see a review on it :)
* The Body Shop Born Lippy  Lip Balm set of 3 - R35 im not too sure of the original price of the set but I do know that each lip balm is about R40 so you basically saving R85! The flavours include : Strawberry , Raspberry & PassionBerry

as an extra I purchased the Essence Kajal in 04 White but it wasn't on special I paid R18.95

Have you visited the sale ? Let me know what bargains you picked up in the comments below! :)

Much Love , hugs and kisses!


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