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How to Look Your Best Without Revealing Too Much

Hello Beauties!

Im here today with a special guest post by Stephanie from the LookBook Store and it is how to look your best without revealing too much! .. Hope you like it! :D

How to Look Your Best Without Revealing Too Much

Ladies, being sexy doesn't necessarily mean you have to strut that butt in skimpy clothing.
Remember: stay classy not trashy.
If you have a nice body, then it will speak for itself. But a rocking hot body isn't the only thing that makes a person sexy. An attitude that suits how you dress is also considered by most to be just as sexy.
With that said, here are some tips on how to look your best without showing too much skin.

Tip 1: Give them a peek.

Show a bit of skin through light clothing like this cool crochet top while not revealing anything in the process. This is a good way to let people know that you have the goods but aren't going to give it that up that easily. No, sir.

Tip 2: Tease them with a sexy silhouette.
Show off the silhouette of your sexy legs with a pair of skinny jeans to allure potential partners.

Tip 3: Show one but not the other.
You can never serve two masters at once, so the saying goes, which also is the same for fashion. If you show legs, cleavage will, more often than not, keep in mind, be out of the question. Or vice versa. Here are some dresses you might like if this style is what you are going for. Regardless, remember to always wear clothes that you are comfortable in. Don't be afraid to show those curves, ladies!

And that's it. The tips on how to stay classy and sexy keeping a semblance of modesty in your apparel. What about you? Do have anything to add? Feel free to share at the comments below.

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