Sunday, 4 September 2016

SUNSTAR GUM Soft-Picks Advanced

Hey beauties !

Are you the type of person that loves a healthy mouth but you and flossing just don't get along ?. Well you not alone in the struggle. Recently Paula Wilson contacted me and asked if I would like to try the new SUNSTAR GUM Soft-Picks Advanced in exchange for an honest review and I agreed!. Since September is national oral health month, I'm super thrilled to share this product with you .

New Sunstar GUM Soft-Picks Advanced, the latest addition to Sunstar GUM’s comprehensive interdental range, is the first and only curved interdental brush, mimicking the natural shape of the jaw.
The little package of goodness gives you a "new reason to smile". It's designed to effectively clean between all teeth and micro-massage gums , leaving your mouth spotless clean and fresh.
Additional information on the product (taken from the soft-picks pamphlet) :
Cutting edge design - for improved comfort and control , adapted to the natural shape of the jaw.
                                     - to access difficult to reach parts , such as back teeth.

Soft bristles - to effectively clean between teeth and micro massage the gums keeping them firm and healthy .
                    - for durability and comfort
                    - for safe and gentle use on gums

Tampered design- to enhance adaptability to small and large spaces between teeth.
                            - for easy use with orthodontics , bridges and implants.

Tissue friendly- Doesn't splinter or contain hard plastic

and above all it's latex , wood and metal free!.

What my thoughts of this product is: 

 I personally love the new design of it!. It's the perfect size to throw in my handbag and keep with me while i'm on the go. It comes with a travel-friendly case which holds approximately 10 picks at a time. I find the case to be extremely convenient to use.The pack contains 30 picks and it's made out of rubber. I love the fact that it's made out of rubber as my gums get pretty sensitive and the rubber makes it easy to use. The product precisely gets into the unreachable parts in my mouth which removes all the dirt. The product is very  bendable which makes application a walk in the park. The only thing I dislike about this is the fact that the travel case can only hold 10 picks and not all of them but I guess I can deal with that.I overall highly recommend this for anyone to try out. You certainly won't be disappointed . It retails for around R89.95 at Dischem and other lead pharmacies. 
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