Thursday, 14 September 2017

Floss like a boss with Sunstar gum

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Did you know that the plaque that dental floss removes holds more than 300 different species of bacteria. Enamel of the teeth is the hardest substance in the body but without brushing and dental floss tiny bacteria can destroy it.

Cleaning in-between is quick and easy with the right tools and know-how.As well as having the widest range of floss and interdental tools in SA , Sunstar Gum has created a brand-new series of short videos (+/- 30 seconds each) demonstrating how to 'floss like a boss' - even if you have implants braces or don't like floss. The videos are live on 

I have gathered up information below on how to floss correctly and a short review of the Sunstar gum floss products available

.How to Floss Like a Boss
By Dirna Grobbelaar, Ivohealth’s Oral Hygiene Advisor

1.     Take about 30cm of floss
2.     Wind the floss around your middle fingers
3.     Hold it floss between thumbs and index fingers
4.     Slide the floss in-between teeth using a gentle back-and-forth sawing action
5.     Fold floss around the side of a tooth in a C-shape
6.     Slide the floss up and down, against tooth and just under the gum line
7.     Repeat on the neighbouring tooth
8.     Pull out and repeat using a clean section of the floss

Now let's get into the products..

Paul Wilson never fails to impress me with the packaging. How cute is this?!. 

Gum original white floss ( R51)
Helps remove stains and plaque from between the teeth

This is a great standard floss if you have plague that  needs to be removed. It works on all teeth types and is extremely gentle on gums. The floss has strength and does not easily break when in contact with the teeth.

Gum Expanding floss ( R55)
Ideal if you have small gaps in between your teeth , sensitive or receding gums. This is easy to insert , even between the tightest contacts , and expands during use , for an exceptional clean.

This by far has to be my favorite floss out of all. The above description is exactly what my teeth are like. This product is true to its promise and gets into the most tiniest gaps leaving them spotless clean!. I highly recommend this to everyone. You won't regret it.

Gum Easy Flossers( R50)

Great for adults and children , with an easy grip to handle.

Are you always on the go and in a rush? Yes? Then this is the product for you. With it's travel size container you can have this product on the go all day long. It has a perfect tooth pick end which would also aid in helping you out when you got a nasty bugger up in your teeth. It's an amazing product indeed. 

Gum Soft-Picks Advanced (R89)

Disposable dental picks with soft rubber bristles that gently massage and stimulate gums. Ideal for adults and children.

With the price you pay for this product , you definitely get quality and quantity . It's easy to use and is extremely gentle for teeth. If you have gaps inbetween your teeth this product is more ideal for you in my opinion . This product is perfect for cleansing gums and giving you overall oral hygiene.

Gum Trav-lers (R101)
Tiny inter-dental brushes , ideal for normal teeth , big gaps and around crowns , bridges , implants or orthodontics.

This product is simple and easy to use . It helps remove dental plague from areas which are mostly used from using a tooth brush alone.This is also a useful item on a daily basis. It's flexibility reaches to every area possible and this product is super convenience overall .

As you can see , Sunstar Gum offers a variety of floss to help you keep a great oral hygiene profile . 

Sunstar GUM oral care products are distributed in South Africa by Ivohealth and are available from dentists, Dis-Chem, selected Pick 'n Pay, Clicks and pharmacies.  

I would overall highly recommend this brand you to. Let's gather together this month and 'floss like a boss'

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