Friday, 28 March 2014

Top 10 shaving tips

Hi beauties<3

with days of preparing I finally come down to do this blog post for you guys. My top 10 ways to get a better shave .

Now Shaving first became popular during World War II when nylon stockings were in short supply and bare legs became a trend that has yet to cease.

Today, women are increasingly turning to waxing and some are trying laser hair removal . However , shaving remains the most inexpensive. so with out further do lets get started:P

1. Wet , moist skin is the most recommended to shave with as shaving with dry skin can leads to cuts and other disasters.

2. it is  preferable to shave with a shave cream . This can be purchased almost everywhere and a lot of brands sell these eg nivea , bic and soo much more!but honestly speaking , I just use my liquid body wash to shave it as I feel it provides the exact same results and at a much cheaper cost.

3.Always change  razors or cartridges on a regular basis; a dull blade can lead to nicks. Also, it's best not to borrow your guy's razor. His hair is coarser and will dull a blade. It's actually best to never use another person's razor because there is a chance you could get Hepatitis C from fresh blood on a razor. It's unlikely, but possible

4.It is recommended to exfoliate your skin before shaving , as this get rid of your dead cells which could clog up your razor .There are several ways to exfoliate. You can use exfoliating gloves or a cloth in the shower or dry brush before you shower (never get a wooden brush wet, it will mildew fast)

5.Since your leg hairs grow down, you'll want to start at your ankles and shave up. For your underarms, you'll need to shave in every direction since the hair there grows in at many different angles.

6.When finished shaving, apply oil or moisturizer. The skin on your legs has few oil glands and has a tendency for dryness. I normally applying Vaseline to my legs as it is my favourite moisturizer. I also tend to use baby oil or coconut oil.

7.try to avoid/get rid of ingrown hairs by exfoliating daily

8.It is much easier to shave while you in a bath tub rather then in a shower

9.You are going to have to experiment with razors until you find the perfect one for you. Ask your friends for recommendations and look for a razor with lubricated strips, pivoting heads and spring-mounted multiple blades. I've sampled several types and varieties and was amazed at how different each feels. My favorite? The Gillette Venus razor and the BIC for a throw-away

10.Consider opting for waxing, at least on your bikini line and lower legs saving the razor for your underarms and upper legs. You'll find that if you have coarser hair, in time it won't grow back as fast

hope this was informative please comment below if you need anything!:)

take care beautiful people

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Another giveaway!!

Hi Beauties <3

yes , we are again with another giveaway . I really wish I had the opportunity to give everyone something but that's not possible so I try to give many of you a lil something in a giveaway!:) Please keep in mind this giveaway will close on the 5 April 2014 so hurry up and get entering!

how to enter:
*You have to follow my blog , to do this just your email is required . you will find it on the right hand side of my blog . Once you entered your email you would get a email in your inbox , kindly click on the link to confirm your follow.

*you are then required to like my facebook page just click here

*Last but not least you are required to post a comment on any of my blog posts and let me know you entered

terms and conditions
>This competition is only open to the residents of South Africa
>Any age group can enter
>You have to follow my blog , like my facebook page and comment to be qualified for this giveaway
>Giveaway ends on the 5th April 2014

good luck ladies<3 !!:D this picture below is your prize
*Paris Canvas
*mini coin purse

lots of love


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Glad Ice cubes review

hi beauties<3

so recently I had a great opportunity to review some glad ice cube bags from the lovely Taryn . Unfortunatly this was quite delayed as I had some trouble publishing posts on my blog . Im extremely sorry! but without further do , lets get started :p

This is how the packaging looks like. I like the summer theme that they went for . The package consists of 8 bags which gives you 192 ice cubes. That's the perfect amount for traveling!!:)

the above picture shows the bag without any water inside
step 1: fill the bag with water
This is how the bag would look like while the water gets filled

step 2: turn the bag upside down to seal the tunnel

when the tunnel is sealed it should look something like this ...

step 3: pop it in the freezer!:)
this is how the bag would look like. carefuy remove the ice cubes . Remember that the bags cannot be reused!:)

the perfect ice cube to put in some passion fruit juice or lemonade on a hot sunny day while chilling at the beach :)

I think this new launch is extremely unique . Its very different and that's what I adore most about it!:). Im so glad I had the opportunity to review this product , now I know what Glad is capable of!:)  The bags lasts quite some time so its defiantly worth your money :p. Although its just ice-cubes but the method is quite amusing.
I would repurchase this  and I already referred this  to some family and friends!:) would give it a 10/10 . I'm really impressed.
check out my video review on youtube just click here
I also have a mini review on my facebook page which I got some positive feedback!:) click here to go to my facebook page
lots of love <3

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Nothing is impossible . The word impossible says itself ' im possible '

Hi ladies

so I Finally gained the courage to put my  before and after weight loss pictures and facebook and a lot of you said that I should share my journey and 'the secret' well  here goes:p

As a kid I can always remember myself being 'chubby' . I really was chubby like you know those drooping cheeks , a belly etc etc . Kids around my age used to tease me , make fun of me . Gosh leave alone kids , adults too! . People always used to question me about my weight and I was a heck of a emotional kid so all those stuff really got to me , but I triedtobe stong enough to fight those feelings.

At the age of 12 my mum realised I cant be like this no more , she had to put me on a strict diet , so she did. I went to see a dietician and got an eating plan which I followed up . Honestly , it took me forever to see a difference in dieting 'the healthy' way but I did loose . I was then introduced to a diet pill. ( guys I know how bad you guys think diet pills are but please carry on reading!)  THIS WAS MY MAJOR SECRET . Its the kangmei slimming capsule which is a Chinese pill.I was on this pill for 3 months and unlike any other diet pill , I had NO side-effects at all! this pill was a hudge appetite controller . I took 1 pill in the morning every 5 days and I took 2 days off. Along with the diet pill , exercise also helped aswell as eating correctly and healthy . As I said earlier , I took the pills for only 3 months which made me loose weight but I had to keep up with the excersing and healthy eating to maintain my figure .

loosing weight has really been the best thing that happened to me. I feel much better and more energising . This journey has made me a better person on the outside and inside

Remember Nothing is impossible . The word impossible says itself ' im possible '  . If you also are going through the same situation I was going through , just remember one thing YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL don't letother peoples thoughts get to you . we are all unique :)

and that was my short and sweet 'secret' to loosing 15kgs! an updated version will come soon :p

You can contact me if you want to buy the pill . its R150 for a months supply:)
facts to remember about the diet pill if you are considering taking it:

1.please consult your doctor and see if it would be safe for you to take it . I can not be responsible for anything. Im just sharing my secret with you.Remember I had no side-effects but everyone is different
2. take the pill for a maximum of 3 months only
3.drink as much water as you can per day to flush out the pill
4.take 1 pill per day and DO NOT take it everyday . skip some days
5.control your appetite once you stop using the pill

I hope that was informative:) take care guys and you are BEAUTIFUL <3

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Win a R500 Mr Price Giftcard!!

congrats to the previous winner : Lizelle Van Zuydam

This competition is now closed! the winner is notified via email. It was a tough decision to make but we only could choose one winner now hay .. but don't miss your chance on winning a Rain Africa Hamper and stay tuned for more giveaways in the future :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

''Talk Nerdy To Me'' Mr price online tee

I was browsing through the Mr price website and I came acroos this t-shirt which I have to share with you guys!! it comes in a yellow shirt with the words ''talk nerdy to me'' on the front along with a nerd pair of glasses. I love the nerd style!

The shirt is going for an affordable price of just R29 , 95 !! highly recommend you go check it out : click here

please note : this is just my opinion

Monday, 17 March 2014

Escada Perfume samples review!:)

Hi beautiful people :p

so I don't know if you remember , previously I posted a link for you guys to get some free escada perfume samples. well, here is my review on them !:)

want to know how to receive your free sample ?  click here!
Especially Escada Elixir

I only have one word to say about this. It's EXTRAORDINARY!!!!lol im not that good at describing scents but yeah goes:p
woah I never imagined that I would love a perfume this much . The smell of it is soo luxurious , its not too feminine yet not too manly either and that's  the notes I always tend to seek for in a perfume! Its not fruity its jut the best.The scent to me describes joy , energy and  laughter

The sample it self came in a postcard type thing. The perfume was on a cotton swabbed thing that looks like this

This is what the escada website says about this perfume
ESPECIALLY ESCADA Elixir is the new, Eau de Parfum intense from the House of ESCADA. A powerful interpretation of the original rose-based fragrance, it is an exciting new addition to the ESPECIALLY ESCADA collection, building on the classic Eau de Parfum and the playful light-heartedness of Delicate notes Eau de Toilette. An intense scent which embodies happiness and sophistication, Elixir is inspired by the ESCADA woman who is boldly elegant, radiating confident femininity and joie de vivre, lighting up the room with her smile and energy.
I would purchase this perfume and I would give it a 10/10

Escada Born In Paradise
I just picked up this today infront of my gate and my poor packaging was ruined with the rain!!;( so please excuse my pictures , it is abit dirty but anyways lets carry on with the review:)
This scent is very strong . I just open my seal and the scent rushed through my room and in the passage , which I love! I love scents that has soo much smell in them!(if that even makes sense)
but this scent however is more towards the fruity side for me which I don't like , unfortunately :( . If you a fruity smell lover then I would highly recommend this perfume for you!:) it stays on for a long period of time .
this is what the escada web-site says about this perfume
BORN IN PARADISE is an intoxicating cocktail of exotic scents, creating feelings of delight and warmth. The ESCADA BORN IN PARADISE fragrance wonderfully opens with a sultry summertime dance of lush green apple and watermelon scents to excite the senses. Combined with sweet, punchy guava, the fragrance brims with a playful energy and zesty freshness. Inspired by the famous Pina Colada cocktail, the ESCADA BORN IN PARADISE perfume delivers an enchanting blend of pineapple and coconut milk, shaken with the aqueous and acidulous notes of watermelon, green apple and guava.

lots of love



Saturday, 15 March 2014

win a mini lip butter , charm bracelet & a body spray today only!!!

All you have to do is go to our facebook page which is BeautyDivaNaz and follow our comment instructions!:) get commenting now!:P competition ends at 6pm today!

lots of love

Friday, 14 March 2014

Choose an eyebrow shape that is most suitable for your face shape!

A good beauty routine and awesome make up skills will show on your face. But there is one thing that can spoil all your efforts – a badly/wrongly shaped eyebrows. I say through experience that no matter how much your skin glows or how professionally you apply your make up , the ‘something’s -wrong’ feeling stays if your eyebrows aren’t done correctly.. I can safely bet at one point or the other we have faced the horror of having our brows spoilt, that too by professionals. HORRID isn’t it?? The whole pain of waiting for it grow back again, rubbing in litres of castor oil so that they grow faster and what not. I had mine totally messed before my cousin’s wedding and it was a nightmare, living through those 2-3 weeks. Anyway we save that cribbing for later on  :P :P :P :P :P .So the point of saying so much is that a well defined eyebrow adds the ‘chaar chand’ to your looks, it is something that makes you look better, instantly. It is important that we our eyebrow shape is in accordance with our face shape. There is nothing called as a perfect face shape, it is all about how you make it look perfect. And eyebrows have a major role to play here. It is possible to balance out face shapes by shaping the eyebrow correctly. For instance, a long face looks shorter with flat brows and longer with arched brows. Just see what difference eyebrows, make to the face, makeup and hairstyle remaining constant.
eyebrow disaster

So let’s get started.

Eyebrow Shapes

eyebrow shapes

Basic Face Shapes

face shapes
The shape of one’s eyebrow is totally a personal choice, but there are some basics which will help if kept in mind. Let’s find the correct eyebrow shape according to face shape.

Oval Face Shape

Oval Face ShapeJennifer Aniston Oval Face ShapeThis is considered to be the one best face shapes to have. This shape doesn’t need much attention. Any shape suits well on the person with oval face cut but curved eyebrows look exceptional. A soft angled eyebrow is what suits this face best. Usually most of the hair styles also look good on such people. Also a soft angled eyebrow is the most common eyebrow shape. Think – Jennifer Aniston

Round Face Shape

round face shapeDrew Barrymore round faceThe goal is to make a round face appear less round by making the face look longer. A high arched eyebrow gives an up down look and elongates the face. People with a round face should stay away from rounded eyebrows, this face the face look more round. If one is not comfortable with highly arched brows, one can also opt for a soft angled eyebrow (similar to oval face).That will also serve the purpose to some extent. Think – Drew Barrymore

Long Face Shape

Long Face ShapeSarah Jessica Parker Long Face ShapeThe aim is to make long face appear shorter .This is done by a flat eyebrow, as opposed to an arched brow. Flat eyebrow will draw attention away from the length of your face and add a bit of width to it instead. It stops the gaze going up and down thus making the face shorter in comparison. An arched brow is a no-no for a long face; it just makes the face look abysmally long. Keep the arch low as it helps in giving an illusion of more width to the face. The style is similar to one used in the low forehead case. Think – Sarah Jessica Parker

Square Face Shape

Square Face ShapeMarilyn Monroe Square Face ShapeThe most striking feature of this type of face is the strong jaw line. Forehead, cheeks and jawline will both be equal in width and the jawline will be squared. You will want to stick with a brow shape that balances out your jawline. The aim is to soften the jaw line. An angled eyebrow with sharp peak balances the face. Curved brows also work but an angled eyebrow evens out the face. Make sure that the arch of your brow is directly above the square of the jaw. Brows should be on the thinner side to soften the appearance of the face.  Think – Marilyn Monroe

Heart Face Shape

Heart Face ShapeScarlett Johansson Heart Face ShapeThe aim is to soften the striking curves of the face with rounded eyebrows. So that the face looks like a typical heart, with rounded tops and pointy bottom. Rounded brows give a soft feminine look where as sharp curves further angle the face. Best choice for heart shape is a rounded eyebrow with very soft arches. The arch may be high or low depending on whether it is a short heart shaped face or a long heart shaped face. Try to keep brow width natural but not too bushy or too thin. Think – Scarlett Johansson.

Diamond Face Shape

Diamond Face ShapeRihanna Diamond Face ShapeThis kind of face is widest at around the cheek bones. The aim is to soften and balance out the face. A curved eyebrow solves this purpose, it makes the widest part subtle and the arch elongates the face so that it looks balanced and not strikingly angular. Choose a curved brow to soften your angular face or keep emphasis on the center arch of the brow to draw away from the width of your face. Think – Rihanna.
As this article is on eyebrows, I would like to share certain other tips about eyebrows-
  • Dry eyebrows cause eyebrow hair fall .It is good to always keep them moisturized.
  • Massaging in castor oil to the eyebrows helps in thicker growth and darker brows.
  • Ginger juice if applied on eyebrows daily helps in arresting eyebrow hair fall.
  • It is good the brush eyebrow daily with an eyebrow brush, this increases blood circulation round the area. If you don’t have a brush, lightly massage with finger tips.
  • Avoid tweezing at home; it is best left to professionals.
  • If you have to shape it yourself, stand far away from the mirror. Looking in too closely will cause you to lose symmetry

lots of love
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