Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Healing earth | Products review

Hello beauties!
It's winter. You know what that means? Dryness. Dryness everywhere!. If you like me then you know the struggle of dry skin .
Healing Earth kindly sent me some goodies to review for you guys that will help in this weather.
Healing ocean hand & body wash.

You know those busy days when you come home from work/school and you feel as if you're in a mess? . yes i have those days too. Using this product after a hectic day really calms down my mind with its marvelous scent. This body wash smells very earthy and i love it. It lathers up pretty well and surprisingly it's very moisturizing aswell. The packaging is the! Its super adorable and the quote leaves me in awe everytime. I love the dispenser too as u pump out exactly how much you need and its not waste prone. The product contains ingredients such as argan oil ,jojoba oil , lavender oil and much more! Your body will thank you after using this.

Next up to the soothing rewinding bath is the healing ocean -ocean crystals.

This product is your body washes  wing man. These two work perfectly together. It helps soothe ached muscles and overall calm your mind and provide you with relaxation . It has a pleasant spa-type scent and its packaging yet again is amazing.

The best for last is none other then the healing earth softening grape foot oil.

If you have dry feet this product is a must have. I've always had dry feet and I've tried many things to help with it in the past such as pedirelax , vaseline wrapped in glad wrap but nothing seemed to give me relief. This product however was instantly drank up by my heels and it stayed soft for around 2 days. I highly recommend this oil to everyone seeking softer feet. Healing earth yet again outdone it with the packing. The dispenser is amazing to handle the amount of product you going to use.
Overall this brand highly impressed me and my expectations. I really recommend you give them a try. I can guarantee you it would be worth it.
Take care lovies.

Until next time xoxox

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