Friday, 20 February 2015

Beautiful Earth Body Care Review

Hello Beauties!

Thanks to my school internet I have yet again another review to share with you all!

The brand I shall be talking about today is Beautiful Earth. When I got to know that they are certified natural products and are paraben & SLS free I immediately fell in love with the brand. What's more spectacular then using products knowing its good for you and good for the earth ?Nothing!

Beautiful Earth has a wide array of products ranging from skincare to babycare!.I was lucky enough to get sent 4 products to review for you all namely :

BE Hand and Body Wash -R71.00

BE Hand and Body Lotion -R62.00

BE Hand Cream -R57.00

BE Invigorate Bath Salt -R47.00

BE Hand and Body Wash
Let's start of by saying the scent of this is scrumptious!. It allows a kick-me start to my day and is extremely refreshing. The lather is pretty good and leaves a light scent on my body. I love the packaging of this as it prevents waste .

BE Hand and Body Lotion
Just like the Body Wash the lotion also has a refreshing scent. Its super moisturizing and  the consistency is perfect. I hate lotions that will take so long to absorb into your skin.

BE Hand Cream
This is by far my handbag's best friend . I can't go anywhere without it!. The lavender scent leaves me feeling as if im on cloud 9 . Normal hand lotions tends to be a it too greasy for me but that is not the case in this product. Marvelous I say!

BE Invigorate Bath Salt
The bath salt from this brand , not only is so affordable  but it works splendid indeed. The scent is quite strong but I don't mind that because my entire room will have a extraordinary scent . The salt helps to ease my muscles and leave me and my mind calm . This is certainly one product I wouldn't mind repurchasing.

Overall im extremely impressed with the brand and I highly recommend you all to check them out here.

I enjoyed being pampered , naturally!
watch my video review below!


Sunday, 8 February 2015

SunStar Gum Brand Review

Hi. My name is Nazmeera and I got a confession to make. I was the worlds most laziest flosser before I came around these products ( or atleast I think I was).

When I was contacted by IvoHealth to review this extraordinary "tool-kit" I honestly was not expecting what I got!. They are so many new floss out there that was completely foreign to me, until I came around these. The Products that I received and will be taking about are as follows:

Before I start my review with these products I dare you guys to take up the kiss o meter challenge  right here and see what your breath scores are!By doing that not only are you getting aware of how much/less you need to work on your oral hygiene but also the Sunstar GUM will donate a Razzle Dazzle toothbrush to the tooth fairies volunteering with the Friends of the Children's Hospital (FOCHA) at the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital in Cape Town.

The Review

A perfect candle light dinner for two with soft calm music playing in the background with the gushing scent of roses floating through the air . Perfect scenery hey? seems like nothing can go wrong right?wrong!. A peson with bad breath can ruin such  a bedazzling time! The following products are in my opinion the best to save the date!.

                                                        FlosBrush-My personal favourite!

Not only does this look spectacular but it indeed is !. It is the perfect product for someone that's on the go . Its also compact so it would fit perfectly into a purse or briefcase . Its easy to use and also saves you on alot of time-bonus! It is made in such a way that the old floss gets put away while new floss reveals itself at the same time. This tool is by far the best way to floss in my books.. I love it and would repurchase it. The only con here is that I don't know how you can replace the floss once it's finish.


I love to call and remind myself that this is my James Bond weapon. It can be used upwards or at an angle to really get into the teeth and remove all the food particles and plaque. Unlike all the other tools that is made from plastic , this one is made from metal wire.Ideal for people with tooth and/or gum sensitivity and gum recession.


Contains flouride coated rubber bristles that removes trapped food and plaque. I adore how small and compact this pick is - I can take it everywhere with me!. The bristles are soft and bendable and also unbreakable. While cleaning your teeth it also gives your gums a massage , hence more circulation!.


These Easy-Flosser's honestly was incredibly cool. It's so unique and this was actually one of the first things I wanted to review. Whoever I showed this to actually wanted to take some for themselves . It comes so handy right about everywhere. Its 2 in 1 , you get a tooth-pick edge as well as a floss edge .With the old traditional floss you would normally tie them around your fingers which would probably cut off the circulation which would make your fingers go purple which has happened to me many times .Sometimes it would also be hard to reach certain parts of your mouth , but with these flossers they are incredibly easy to use. 

Expanding Floss

With the expansion floss I adore the fact that its so much gentle on your gums compare to the other old traditional floss.Expanded floss spreads across the tooth and covers more surface. Expansion reinforces a job well done and makes flossing fun.


The Trav-ler is portable and compact making it perfect to fit right about anywhere.It ensures optimal cleaning and comfort.The brushes head adjust 90 degrees making it easy to reach the back of your mouth without difficulty.

Paroex ToothPaste Gel 

I love the fact that this has a gel consistency . It makes brushing my teeth so much fun . The taste of the toothpaste is average but it indeed does leave my teeth feeling much stronger and I have control over the plaque in my teeth . 

Paroex MouthWash 

Lets fist get out there that this mouth rinse has 0% alcohol! By reading that I already took a liking into this product. It is specifically designed for plaque control to address periodontal tissue damage . This product also left my teeth feeling smooth and nourished .

Having used all these products I can happily say I no longer need to go for cleaning at the dentist as often as I used to - these products help me accomplish the same thing!

Overall I would highly recommend you give this brand a try if you haven't already . I was surely impressed and im sure you would be to!

Thanks for reading!
BeautyDivaNaz xxx

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