Monday, 3 August 2015

Hean Cosmetics

Hello Beauties !
So quite a while ago I received some goodies from a brand called Hean. This post is long over due but due to personal issues I could not write it in time but nonetheless , here I am introducing to you 4 products .

Lets start off by saying how adorable is the packaging?! It came along with a personalized card aswell- totally adorable!

So the 4 products that was included in the bag are shown below

*Hean lipstick in 22 jagodowy 
*Hean Lipgloss in nr 15
*Hean MakeUp Base
*Hean Ultra Hydration Moisturizer

Hean lipstick in 22 jagodowy R90-00
This beautiful lipstick leaves my lips looking natural yet very luscious!. Personally , i'm a person that prefers make-up that's light and not all bold and I can happily say that this shade fits my favorite lipstick category . Im simply inlove with it!

Hean Lipgloss in nr 154 R80-00(Full Size)
Next in the lip product line we have the Hean Lip gloss which i'm head over heels about . Its perfect for layering on top of lipstick and is also great when using it own its own. I adore the strawberry scent that this lip gloss holds!

This is something I would repurchase

Hean MakeUp Base
Matte , Complete & Flawless skin is the result I get when ever i use this make-up base!. Personally I had a terrible experience with my first ever make-up base and after that experience I never really bothered about make-up base .. Upon trying out this product , just one question kept pondering in my head "where have this been all my life?" . 

A little heads up: This product surely goes a long way so use about a pea size for your entire face. 

This is something I would repurchase

Hean Ultra Hydration Moisturizer
Truth to be told - when I saw this product in the package I was a bit terrified on using it on my acne-prone skin as it reacts to almost everything . Yes i said "almost" because luckily this moisturizer never reacted with my skin but instead it done its job perfectly!

Overall im extremely impressed by this brand and i would highly recommend you check them out here .

I hope you guys enjoyed the review and I hope you love the new quality pictures!

A big thank you to the Glamoure Cosmetics Team!
Lots of Love
BeautyDivaNaz xxx
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