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I have another review for you all!:) This time its products from a company called Soy Lites .

Now before we get started who are the Soy Lites?
SoyLites is a business with heart and soul. They are South Africa’s market leading manufacturers in green-friendly soy based candles and natural products – good for you and the environment. They source only the finest quality natural ingredients and do not compromise the quality of our products with any hidden additives.

So I was very lucky enough to receive 3 products to review which are
*100% Natural Moisturizing Body Candle in Revitalise R145
*100% Natural Moisturizing Body Candle in Rejuvenation R145
*Massage & Body SoyBalm R215

                                                     100% Natural Moisturizing Body Candles

 What BeautyDivaNaz says about this products:
Firstly I would like to say that i'm obsessed with this product!
It has this formulae which I never came across in my life. It is a candle + a massage oil . Now how does this work? When you light up the twig the 'wax' is actually oil so it melts and forms a pool of oil ( as you can see on the 3rd picture on the left) . This is completely safe to use on your body . I used this on mine and wow! I was amazed . The oil was heated up which resulted in making my muscles go all relaxed and lazy . This is a product which is defiantly worth purchasing! I would highly recommend you try it.

The Packaging:
The Candles come in a glass container . It looks very exclusive and it is something that would be appealing to me. It is simple yet elegant.

  The Scent:
Revitalise - I would describe this scent as amazing! It has a spicy and musky smell . I love burning this in cold weather - its the perfect smell! This scent notes are Geranium , black pepper & peppermint. This smell immediately gets me in the vibe .

Rejuvenation - This scent is very refreshing . It has a strong lemony theme going on . The notes of this are Lemongrass , Lavender & Lime.. This scent keeps me cool and calm .

What are the benefits of the Rejuvenation candle?
It is a versatile and non-greasy moisturizing body product with healing aromatherapy oils. Aids the treatment of dry skin such as cracked heels and cuticles , dry hands and feet, minor abrasions , burns and other skin aliments. This product brings aroma and ambience into your life.

What are the benefits of the Revitalise Candle?
It is a versatile and non-greasy moisturizing body product with healing aromatherapy oils. Aids the treatment of  dry skin and fatigued muscles. Allows for a silky smooth textured massage with appropriate 'slip' for massage purposes. This product brings aroma and ambience also into your life.

would I purchase this ? hell yeah!

over all rating 5/5
price 4/5
quality 5/5

                                                        Massage & Body SoyBalm

 What BeautyDivaNaz has to say about this product:
This balm is amazing! as soon as I received this balm I massage my mum. This balm massage massage on so smoothly  . The texture is abit thick and heavy but once its applied on your skin it goes on lovely!It melts upon the warmth of your skin.It also has a non-greasy texture which I love!

The scent:
This product has a Vanilla Ginger sweet smell. The notes are Passion Fruit Seed Oil , Vanilla , Grapefruit and Ginger.

The Quality:
This balm has very high quality! its very thick yet easy absorbing. It also lasts for quite some while leaving my skin soft and smooth!

Ingredients :
Pure Soybean Oil , Castor Oil , Jojoba Oil , Shea Butter , Coconut Oil , Avocado Oil , Grapeseed Oil , Raw Beeswax with essential oils.  

Would I purchase this product? yes!

overall rating 5/5
price 4/5
quality 5/5

So that comes to the end of this review . Thank you Soy Lites for giving me this opportunity to explore your products! I highly recommend you check out their products and purchase them! you would not regret it I promise!:)

Take Care Beauties

Much Love




Monday, 21 April 2014

Softlips Reviews!

Hi beauties!

I have yet again, another review for you all!:) as you can tell from the title above its from Softlips! the amazing Natalie gave me an opportunity to review 3 softlips products on my blog .

Im sure you all heard about Softlips but if you don't here's a little information about them:
 Softlips premium lip conditioners are designed with skin-protecting ingredients to help keep lips soft, supple and healthy. Available in several varieties, Softlips offers long-lasting coverage and protection from the environmental elements, as well as a healthy sheen without the heavy waxiness or stickiness of traditional lip balms. The product line also contains no animal by-products and is not tested on animals.

Jack: Promise me you will never stop using it, Rose.
Rose: Use what?
Jack: The Acai Berry.
Rose: I will never stop, Jack.

i found that on the Softlips South Africa facebook page and i just had to share it with you all!

so anyways back to the review

here are the products I was lucky enough to receive:
Softlips Lip conditioner in French Vanilla
Softlips lip conditioner in Pearl Pink
Softlips 100% Organic Lip Conditioner in Acai Berry

                                                  Softlips Lip Conditioner in French Vanilla

R29 can be purchased at any drugstores eg clicks , dis-chem etc
The Package - I must say i got super excited when i received these products as the packaging of them are super cute!. This one in specific has a white base coat and the text is in blue . I love the size of it as it can fit every  & anywhere!It kind of reminds me of a cigarette-thin and tall
The scent - oh my! this scent is delicious! 'Vanilla' says it all . When the lip product is applied to your lips you would just want to eat it up-its that that yummy!. I could compare the scent of this to the Rich n Creamy Vanilla Ice-cream or the Viva La Vanilla range from Oh So Heaveny. The scent is medium so its not overpowering neither so light that you could barely smell it .
The Quality - Okay so this is kind of what got me a little disappointed . When this lip balm is applied to my lips it lasts for about 45minutes then you would have to re-apply .It takes about 10 minutes for the moisturizing to go away and my lips feel quite dry afterwards , that's the only downfall about this product. On the bright side i love how this product gives my lips a menthol tingle ! i love that! I love the fact that this is not a mint / peppermint product yet it still gives your lips that refreshing feeling.
What BeautyDivaNaz have to say about this product:
This product has spf20 which is a bonus on my side! .It helps to prevent sunburn. This product helps to prevent and temporaily protects chapped or windburned lips. This product is
moisturizing  and conditioning when first applied to my lips. This is a clear lip balm and therefore leaves little a gloss finish which is kind of cool:) i like that . I like to use this under my lipstick aswell.

overall rating 5/5
price 5/5
effectiveness- 4/5
                                                              Pearl Pink Lip Conditioner

                                            R30-35 @ any drugstore eg clicks . dis-chem etc

  The packaging - I think this packaging is quite cute . It looks very feminine and attracting. I love the rounded lid aswell and the applicator. It makes the product very easy to use.

The Scent - I would describe this scent as SCRUMPTIOUS! its amazing!! It has this extraordinary strawberry scent which is tah die for! - no kidding! . Your lips would defiantly be very kissable if you use this ! :p

The Quality - I think this product has very good quality. It's long lasting but it feels a little heavy on my lips but that's okay as its manageable :)  . It's a lipgloss which I felt is not sticky! so im clearly gaga over this product!

                                  What BeautyDivaNaz has to say about this product
Do you believe in love at first sight? because I surely do! I fell inlove with this product from the time I laid my eyes upon it . Leave alone the way it looks , this product is very moisturizing ! it leaves my lips soo smooth , kissable and not forgetting conditioned. I hope Jack told Rose to never stop using this product aswell! lol.This product contains antioxidants of Vitamin E and Aloe Extract to keep lips soft and moisturized . It gives natural colour with a glossy shine & it protects and softens chapped or dry lips

overall rating 5/5
price 5/5
effectiveness - 5/5

                                                Softlips 100% organic in Acai Berry

The packaging - I would describe the packing as the same in the French Vanilla Softlips review. This product however has a beautiful blue theme going on

The scent - this smells just like the actual Acai Berry . The scent is not overpowering infact, it is the perfect level . I love it!

The Quality - the quality of this lip product is amazing! it lasts for quite some time and when it does decide to wear off it leaves my lips smooth and hydrated .

                                What BeautyDivaNaz has to say about this product
I firstly want to say I am soo glad this product is organic! I never knew this product exsisted as it was not in my local clicks , when it does come I'm sure going to purchase the rest of the flavours in this range! . The way this lipbalm feels on my lips is soo different from the rest . Words cant describe how much I love this product ahy. It has a blend of organic oils , beeswax & shea butter to deeply moisturize and nourish lips . It has Vitamin E to protect the lips. It has 100% natural Acai Berry flavour and it is free from harsh chemicals  , pesticides and parabens. What's not to love about this product?!!

Overall Rating 5/5
price - ( im really not sure the price of this as I mentioned earlier on , I haven't saw this product at my nearest clicks )
effectiveness 5/5

Thank you Softlips for giving me the chance to experience these amazing lippies!

what is your favourite softlips?

                                                                          much love

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Rain Africa Biologie Bath and Body range review + GIVEAWAY!!!

Hi beauties!

Today im here with another review for you all!:) I would be talking about the products from a company called Rain Africa - no im not talking about the weather lol!. So the lovely Tanya really went out of her way and sent me some real goodies to review! Stay tuned till the end of this post for some exciting announcement . You might own these products *wink wink*

So when I opened the box which revealed all these goodies I instantly felt as if I was at a spa . The scent gushed through my entire room and I loved it!.The scent actually attracted my mum and granny into my room. The scent which was mostly smelt was the body polish which you can read below about!:)

So before we get started what is  Rain Africa ?
It is a company that create handmade bath and body products and hand crafted home ware using natural ingredients with African origins.
Rain products are responsibly handmade with love and care for our customers, crafts people and the environment.

The products that was sent to me for reviewing are :
© 100% Hand and Body Wash - R79 read about what Rain Africa says about the product here
© 100% Hand and Body lotion - R99 read about what Rain Africa says about the product here
© Kalahari Melon Hand Lotion - R49 read about what Rain Africa says about the product here
© Kalahari Melon and HoneyBush body polish - R115  read about what Rain Africa says about the product here
©  Bath fizz bomb - R17-R22 cant find no source on the web-site but I believe its available in stores


So lets get started shall we :p
100% Hand and  Body wash


The scent - I would describe this scent towards the more citrus /lemony smell . The power of the scent I would say is medium. Its not over powering neither very light .
The Packaging - The product comes in a glass bottle with a pump which I really adore because in that way you can always refill the bottle and with the pump you save soo much product!. I also love that the label of the package is quite good quality because when it gets wet it doesn't come apart , it stands strong:D
The texture - The texture of this wash has a gel consistency
What BeautyDivaNaz says about this product
I feel that this product is quite unique as its the first ever NATURAL body wash I ever used . I however prefer to use this as a hand wash rather than a body wash . All I need is one pump which provides enough product to wash both hands. Its quite latherish and leaves a extremely lovely smell in my bathroom! This product really makes me crave to have my own house to keep this in my bathroom where only I could use it. Yes I will be stinjee for all the Rain Africa products just because they all soo special and have such good qualities!

                                                                        overall rating 5/5
                                                                           quality 5/5
                                                                               price 4/5

100% Hand and Body lotion 

The scent - let me start off by saying in obsessed with the scent off this!! The scent of this is quite hard to explain it has a citrus smell as well as honey ... IM INLOVE WITH IT! im always finding myself applying this over and over again .
The packaging - I would describe the package as the same in the 100% hand and body wash .
The texture - the texture of this product is very smooth and hydrating . My skin instantly absorbs this product .It doesn't leave a oily residue which I really like. Overall it leaves my skin very nourished and renewed!
What BeautyDivaNaz says about the product:
Rain Africa has done it again! im super obsessed with this product as mentioned before ! it leaves my skin very hydrated and the smell lasts forever. I applied this lotion before going to bed and when I woke up the smell was still there!
overall rating 5/5
quality 5/5
price 4/5
 Kalahari Melon hand lotion

The scent - 'Kalahari Melon' says it all!:) it has a super melony scent which is tah die for! its too yummy .
The Packaging - I love the quality of the packaging . It looks very unique and exclusive and it has a squeeze tube which I really like because in that way you save a lot of product!
The texture - the texture of this product goes on with a medium about of oiliness but once you massage it in your skin it leaves your skin soft , smooth and sexy!:p .
What BeautyDivaNaz says about this product
One thing which I fell head over heels for in this product is that it has the most gorgeous sparkles in them! It lasts for ever aswell! I applied this before bed and when I woke up the sparkles and scent was still there. It lasted me until I went to bath ! This is defiantly a product I will blabber on for ever. Its just that amazing! well done to the crew behind making this bottle of awesomeness!
overall rating 5/5
quality 5/5
price 5/5
Kalahari Melon and HoneyBush body polish

 The scent - I would describe the scent of this as MARVELOUS! as previously mentioned , the scent of this product travelled through my entire room when I opened the package ! . The Melon and HoneyBush is the perfect combination! The scent is long lasting on your body and everyone that walked pass me came to ask me what I was using that has that vibrant smell and I was like its the body polish you have to try it out!
The package - This product comes in a glass container . That makes the product looks quite exclusive - just like all the Rain Africa products!
The texture - the texture of this product is like an exfoliator with a lot of African Oil which is soo good for your skin!. Its not harsh at all on your skin.I used this product on my entire body and I got no redness , no reaction to it , nothing!:)
What BeautyDivaNaz says about the product
Yes, I officially have fell head over heels for this product!! it leaves my skin feeling soo smooth , soft with a natural glow , not forgetting a delicious scent ! I made my granny try out this product on her hand and she was blabbering about how smooth it left her hand! the oil absorbs in your skin instantly and the exfoliators removes all the dead cells , letting fresh ones come :)I love using this product on my legs after a shave , it leaves it feeling too pampered!.I would highly recommend all you to try this out! you wont regret it I promise, and whats the good thing? its all natural ingredients! :)
overall rating 5/5
quality 5/5
price 5/5
Bath fizz bomb
The scent - I would describe this smell like the body polish . Since they don't have this product on the web-site im not really sure what scent it exactly is
The packaging - okay this does not have a packaging ( duh Nazmeera!) but I do love the shape of the fizzer , its like a shell and that's kind of cute!:)
The texture - the bath fizzer is kind of rough and once you put it in the water it fizzes up. It looks like when you dissolve Corenza C or any other  tablet  in water , quite amusing actually lol.
so below are the pictures with the effects ( note that I cut it in half to save it for another day aswell )


 What BeautyDivaNaz says about this product
This was the first time I ever experienced using a bath bomb/fizz . It's really cool! This product left me amused haha I was like a kid in my bath tub. It left me with calmed. It really relaxed my muscles and took away my tense . I had a calm bath all thanks to this fizzer! .My entire bathroom had this lovely scent .
overall rating 5/5
quality 5/5
price 5/5
#phew! so that finally comes to an end of my review!! . I really spoilt my body this weekend with all these amazing products . I would recommend you all to purchase these products , you wont be disappointed I can guarantee you that. My next holiday in Durban I will surely stop at the store and buy some goodies for myself as I don't think they have a store in Pretoria . Thank you soo much Rain Africa for making this weekend memorable , fun and exciting! I always tend to pamper my face well now I guess my body takes the lead!:)
would I purchase any of these products again? hell yeah! I would purchase them all ! :)
so remember I mentioned earlier on about some exciting news at the beginning? well let me spill the beans!:) Rain Africa gave me the opportunity to host a giveaway !:) One lucky reader could own all of the products I reviewed EXCEPT the body polish . All you have to do is enter below in the raffle copter!:)
Win A RainAfrica hamper !" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions
the competition is open to SA residents only
only once you complete the mandatory options , you would be excepted into the draw
winner would be chosen by random
winner would be announced by the 18 May 2014
goodluck beauties

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Free Skin-Saving Products You Can Totally Find At Home

Hi Beauties

No need to splurge on tons of fancy masks or acne treatments to get glowing to return from winter break glowing! Chances are, there are a bunch of secret beauty ingredients hiding in your kitchen that you can use to brighten up your skin and banish blemishes—for free. Beauty reveals 5 products you can probably find in the kitchen cabinets that you can use to get perfect skin. 

1. Green Tea and Honey: To make a super-calming, mega-hydrating face mask, all you need is one green tea bag and some honey! Run the tea bag under warm water, snip the top off and empty the loose tea into a bowl. Mix it with a tablespoon of honey to create a paste, then slather it on your skin and let it sit for about 15 minutes. It's a great way to moisturize your skin and make it glow!

2. White Tea: This stuff is packed with antioxidants, so drinking two cups a day really keeps your skin healthy! White teas tend to be sweeter than other flavors, so you don't need to add any extra sugar, so it's a great substitute for sugary hot chocolate!

3. Apple Cider Vinegar: Dilute a few tablespoons of this ingredient that your mom probably has somewhere around the kitchen with just a little bit of water; then use a cotton pad to wipe it across your face for a DIY acne-fighting toner. Vinegar helps kill bacteria, which makes it an awesome acne-fighter!

4. Baking Soda: For an extra boost of exfoliation, mix a little pinch of baking soda in with your normal cleanser about once a week. It will gently scrub away dead skin cells that can make your face look dull and tired!

hope this helps xxx

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Pomegranate and Lemon exfoliating Facial Polish Review

Hi Beauties

So recently I had a great opportunity to review a product from The Victorian Garden Organic Company which is a Pomegranate and Lemon Exfoliating Facial Polish .

I was too excited to review this as it was a beauty product sent to me for the first time ever to review on my blog. The Victorian Garden Company really went out of their way to package it. It arrived within 2 days after Jessica offered to send me the product. Thank you!:) below are some pictures of how the box looked like before and after i opened it up!:)

Before we get started who  are The Victorian Garden Company ?
It is a organic company that specialises in skincare items . Their products are good for you and good for the planet! why? They are :
©     Sustainably Prouduced with love and respect for the earth
©     Plant derived
©     Biodegradable
©     No animal derived ingredients or animal testings
©    Beauty without cruelty approved

How awesome is that?? Their products are also free from  :
Parabens , Petrochemicals , Sulfates , Pthelates , Formaldehydes , Synthetic Preservatives , Silicons & Talc

Pomergrante and Lemon Exfoliating facial polish?
Yes , this is the first time I came across something like this and I totally love the idea of it!
The price of the product is R82 on The Victorian Garden web-site

What does The Victorian Garden Company say about this product
  This is an ultra gentle facial scrub made with very finely milled bamboo to safely remove dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of your face. We chose bamboo as an exfoliating medium because it won’t damage the skin and is a fast-growing plant which makes it high on our environmentally friendly list. Fast growth allows for frequent harvesting which causes less damage to ecosystems in a forest. It is also high yielding plant which means there is no scarcity.

Ultra fine bamboo crystals gently smooth and resurface the outer layers of skin to reveal a fresher, brighter skin tone. Powerful antioxidant, Pomegranate Extract, helps in correcting environmental damage to protect against aging.

©      With Beeswax, Jojoba and Sweet Almond to roll smoothly over the skin’s surface

©      Formulated with oils and waxes to moisturise the skin and prevent damage

©      High in vitamins to nourish skin as new layers are revealed

©      Skin is smoother, clearer and more radiant

What BeautyDivaNaz says about the product

The Scent -  As you guys can tell from the name of the product 'pomegranate and lemon' , the scent is very organic. If you a person that don't like the organical smell you wouldn't like the smell of this but I , however , adore the scent!.I feel that the lemon scent over powers the pomegranate and the most closest smell I could compare this to is lemonade ofcourse :) . When the actual product is applied to your face the scent is not too strong or distracting . To me, when you apply it on your face from the lemony scent it changes into a sweet smell which im guessing is the pomegranate . Overall I adore the smell of this! Its very re-freshing aswell!:)

The Package - As you guys can see from the pictures previously displayed , the package of this is in a glass container . I feel that the glass makes it look very elegant , unique and exclusive . However , If The Victorian Garden does decide to improve on the packaging I would recommend them to make the package abit more colourful and instead of having a sticker label , they should have an ingraved label and have the product come in a box  . But i feel its good just the way it is!

The Quantity - I feel it has a good amount of product in the 50ml container . If you use wisely it would surely last you a while!:)

The Texture - The texture is very grainy ( cause its an exfoliator duh Nazmeera! ) and when applied to the face its not soapy at all . It kind of feels like lotion. The bamboo exfoliator really does a good job , you could feel the dirt come to the surface of your skin.

The Result - I was very pleased with this product . It made my skin feel very refreshed and clean yet left my skin with a super soft and smooth texture not forgetting a natural glow!. The picture below shows how good my skin looked after using this product!

This is very rare but I found no fault in the product  . I would highly recommend  this product for all you guys! its suitable for all skin-types . . I promise you that you would  be just as satisfied with this product as I am!

Would I purchase this product again? Ofcourse!

Overall Rating 5/5
Price 4/5
Quality 5/5

What do you think about this product? have you tried it out before? have you used any products from this company? let me know in the comments below!:)

Thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to review this product!:)

                                                                   lots and lots of love

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Maybelline Babylips in Mintfresh

Hi beauties <3 font="">

So today I want to share with you guys my all time favourite lip balm which is none other than the Maybelline Babylips in MintFresh. I was over the moon when I heard they launched this in South Africa as I read tremendous good reviews on them . The first lip balm I purchased was in Pink Punch but however , I prefer the MintFresh so here is my review on it!:)

Where could you purchase this? Clicks & Dis-chem
How much does it cost? R24,95
How many variety of babylips are avalible? They are 6 . Namely Pink Punch , Cherry Me , Mint Fresh , Hydrate , Intense Care & Peach Kiss

The packaging : I really adore the package of this product! . It's absolutely cute and has really cool funky colours . The MintFresh in specific has purple on the lid and the container itself is green as you guys can see from the picture above .The size is very convenient aswell as it can fit anywhere! whether it be your car , handbag , schoolbag , work bag etc etc .
The product itself is a clear lipbalm . There are various tinted lipbalms from the babylips range but I preferred to use this one as my daily lipbalm.
The swatch of it is pretty clear -ofcourse! yet it has quite some shine as you guys can tell from the picture below .

I applied the lipbalm on my naked lips and that's how it looks!:) I think I can live with it although im not a sucker for shine.
What BeautyDivaNaz says about the lipbalm:
As you guys could probably tell , im soo head over heels for this! . Now why do I love it soo much ? well lets begin! . This lipbalm has a very refreshing feeling when applied to the lips , it kind of tingles  cause of the mint ofcourse & im a craver for refreshing stuff , even for bubblegum I always go for peppermint or something. Vaseline is the closest product I could compare this too when applied to the lips. Its very smooth , moisturizing & hydrating . The only thing I don't like about this is that the moisture wares off quite quick like 15 minutes would be the most it stays so you would have to reapply this through the day . 
Overall Rating 5/5
Price 5/5
Quality 4/5
Would I repurchase this product ?
hell yeah!
Which is your puurfect babylips? let me know in the comments below!:)
much love

Friday, 4 April 2014

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Dress of the day

Hi Beauties <3>
So today being Friday , I decided to show you guys what I wore!:)
Dress of the day :
It is a religious dress fairly known as an abaya . This can be purchased at any Islamic stores , I purchased mine from Khamees @ R350. Personally , this is my favourite abaya from all the others that I have. I feel its elegant , unique and beautiful.
It has material work from the mid-top till the bottom and has quite fancy sleeves
The top part of the abaya has this gorgeous flower details going on . I find that very beautiful.

well that comes to an end for the dress of the day , would you guys like to see an outfit of the day?

much love Nazmeera <3 font="">

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