Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Cetaphil Restoraderm Body Wash and Body Moisturizer

A spectacular product indeed!

Cetaphil Restoraderm skin restoring body wash and moisturizer work together to restore the skin' natural moisture barrier and provide long-lasting relief from dry, itchy , eczema prone skin.

To all of you who has been victims of the horrendous skin disease , fairly known as eczema , I feel your pain. I have mild eczema on  both my arms starting from above my elbow right uptil my  shoulders. I have tried various stuff to get rid of this bedevil skin from medical solutions to home remedies. NOTHING SEEMED TO HAVE HELPED ME !

After using the Cetaphil Restoraderm Body Wash and Body Moisturizer for a week im so content to share my experience with you all.

From day 1 I started to see immense results. When you have eczema you tend to have really dry skin so after using the products my skin was really on cloud 9 . It was the softest ever! It also never trigger my skin nor irritate it.

The Body Wash has a very thick consistency and lathers quite well . Not only does it make my skin feel fresh but its also really moisturizing . I don't find much cleansers to be as moisturizing so that is indeed a plus in my books. It has a very neutral scent and it does what it promises! 

The Body Moisturizer has a medium consistency and its very easy to rub into your skin. I have came across moisturizers that lathers up tooo much and you would end up rubbing it in your skin for decades till it absorbs but that is not the case in this moisturizer . It absorbs quite well and I shall treasure it ! . The scent again is neutral .

I adore these products as it can be used everywhere around your body including your face! The theme colour of this range is blue . They also have a range for Acne which is purple . Loving this products soo much it got me to purchase the Acne Range for my face . I appreciate this brand  a lot!.

I have seen good results in my skin after 7 days . My eczema is not as much as it was. Its such an extraordinary feeling to be more confident to wear short sleeve tops .

For those rosacea sufferers who also have eczema or also struggle with moisturizing extra dry or itchy skin, this range may be worth a try.

Overall I highly recommend you try it!. I would definatly be purchasing this again and I got my aunt to try it out aswell as she is also an eczema sufferer . Cetaphil Restoraderm , you're a keeper!

*Special thanks to Beauty Bulletin for letting me review this products as well as Cetaphil!
*This post is in no way sponsored and all opinions are my own

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

2nd Libster Award | Discover new bloggers

Hello Lovies!

So I'm so privileged to have received BeautyDivaNaz second nomination from a very great blog Pieces in Pink which is owned by the lovely Lizna . Thanks soo much !:D

so you guys can read all about the rules and stuff on my first nomination here

lets jump straight into the questions shall we :D

  • Why did you start your blog ?
  • I started my blog because I love everything beauty related and wanted to share my thoughts on stuff with you all

  • What do you think your blog has to offer that is different to any other bloggers ?
  • Uniqueness and it has everything that I love to see on blogs

  • Which blogger do you read all the time ?
  •  Channi Chic

  • If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go and why ?
  • Saudi Arabia , to perform umrah as I have never been there before

  • What is your favourite colour ?
  • Purple

  • What is one of your favourite movies of all time ?
  • Indian: Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani | Aashiqui 2 | Yariyaan .. gosh there's too many!
    English: The return of blue lagoon | The Notebook | Sleepover ...again..too many!

  • What doesn't your readers know about you ?
  • I have a great passion for photography

  • What modern gadget can't you live without ?
  • Defiantly my laptop!. I use it for everything! I have bbm , whatsapp and the works on it

    hope you enjoyed my answers Lizna!:D

    I now nominate :
    lipsticksandcoffee and stephndstuff

    My questions to you :
    What is your craziest obsession?
    What/who inspired you to create your blog and how did you come about with your blogs name?
    Where do you want to see your blog in 2 years from now?
    You find yourself incomplete without....
    What is your favourite song at this moment?
    What is your favourite make-up category ?
    Name one product that you would always repurchase
    What feautures on your face do you admire?
    what is your Best memory?
    Do you have a Weird Addiction if so , what is it?

    Happy reading! :D

    BeautyDivaNaz xx

    Ralo Cosmetics Glitter Top Coat Review!

    Hello Beauties!

    Ramadhaan Mubarak to all my Muslim Readers!. Hope it all goes well inshallah

    So today I have yet another review for you all! its my second freebie being a Ralo Cosmetics Brand Ambassador! .. Its none other than the Glitter Top Coat!
    Im seriously gaga over this nail polish! . It gives me a beautiful unique Top Coat on my nails . Its just simply perfect!
    Im very satisfied with this product . It lasts for a real long time and it dries super super quick! I tend not to have much patience with nail polishes that takes forever to dry and that results in me just removing it . But that is not the case in this one!

    This Nail Polish also tends to protect my nails from chipping which is a bonus on my side! Its a clear polish with beautiful sparkles in it!

    Glitter Top Coat , you're a keeper! I just bost about this nail polish all day long ! . I recommend it to everyone!

    It just gets better.. The applicator is uh-maz-ing! . you just need one brush/coat on each nail and you good to go! . This was the first Nail Polish that I tried from Ralo Cosmetics and im certainly going back for more!

    How do you wear the new Glitter Top Coat?
    The Glitter Top Coat is in essence a “top coat”, which can be worn over any colour nail polish for added protection.
    What makes the Glitter Top Coat different is that it adds a fine glitter finish to your manicure giving it a sophisticated sparkle.
    (obtained from the mail I got from Ralo Cosmetics)

    Its a quality nail polish indeed! it goes for around R44.50 but if you purchased this on their site you get a discount and just pay R35.60 !

    overall rating - 5/5
    price - 5/5
    quality 5/5

    Highly recommend you all try this out if you haven't already! Glitter Top Coat , you're a keeper!
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